Army Boot Camp Party Ideas

This year was Liam’s 9th birthday and he wanted to go to an outdoor adventure park.
But me being me I wanted to have the boys back for food and fun at our house afterwards.

(This could be adapted for a girlie party by using pink camouflage, so cute!)

INVITATIONSToo come soon!!!


This year was real easy on everyone as Ashcroft park provided the camouflage jumpsuits for the kids, which they thought were fab.
Also gave them black and green face paints to camouflage their faces, a piece of camouflage fabric to tie around their heads, Arnie style.
And when they were split into teams a torn strip of red or blue fabric to be tied around the upper arm to determine which team they were on.




I printed off poster for Briton wants you army recruitment posters and also Uncle Sam posters too.

Union Jake flags and U.S flags. (can also be strung together as bunting laminate if to used outside)

 these army themed papers can be used for a multitude of things.


I removed the original water bottle label and printed off free camouflage paper
and placed a sticker with each child’s name so they would not get mixed up.

This was a last minute thought and next time it wouldn’t be left until midnight and I would print the name labels off and not hand write them but it saved me going threw lots of paper cups.

Also I only had alittle camouflage paper left.


FOOD & DRINKLiam had requested hot dogs so, as he was the birthday boy, that is what they had.

For desert they made their own ice cream sundaes (not very soldier like but never mind)

They had ice cream, squirty cream, raspberry sauce, sprinkles, chocolate flakes, smarties and they loved ever minute of it. They couldn’t eat all they had made but that doesn’t matter.



I don’t know if you can see but I decided to put they little green Toy Story soldiers onto of some cakes and again some camouflage cake picks on others. The boys all went for the toy soldier ones.
P.S I cheat and buy ready made cakes from the local bakery and decorate them myself, I don’t think it matters and it leaves me time to sort out the decorations and games.


Due to the fact that we went camping the week before the party and then I was back at work straight after we had a not very exciting shop bought cake this year.

This is what I wanted, BUT in green (Liam wouldn’t have been too happy with a pink cake)

I would have one layer and no beads


On arrival back home I gave each boy the same medals which I had printed off and stuck them onto double sided sticky tape. The object of the game was to secretly remove others medals without them noticing, throughout the afternoon. If the other soldier felt them removing their medal the had to give it back and also one of their medals (this is where the honour bit came in). Who ever had the  most medals at the end of the day was the winner. This caused all sorts of fun and a some sulky boys LOL.
The soldiers had to first find the laminated cards (a small clip art picture of a soldier) hidden around the garden, the run back to base with the morse code dots and dashes on them and decipher the letter, from the list on the table. when they had all letters they had to unscramble the letters which would lead them to their goody bags.

Which I had hidden up in the apple tree at the end of the garden.
More fun and games to come!!!!!

The backyard was decorated with camo nets and lots of random things to hide with buckets of filled water balloons behind each. And off to war they went.

Carrying homemade riffles, the boys had to:

 climb the slide ladders and slide down

run through tires (fun inflatable pool tyres from the pound shop)

across a balance beam (a plank of wood on breeze blocks)

crawl under a camo net (or a pop up tunnel will do)

weave in and out of a row of swim foam noodles stood up right in buckets of sand

crawl under a table filled with black balloons (bombs)

Split them into the red and blue teams,

select one in each team to be the injured party.

get them to wrap the injured soldier using one full loo roll.

then they must carry the wounded soldier back home on a stretcher (a large beach towel)

first team home wins

Place red and blue flags at two far corners of garden, you stand with your back to them between these flags.

 The soldiers creep up whilst your back is turned, but have to freeze when you turn around,

if you catch them moving they are out. first team to get their flag wins.

As Liam’s birthday is in the summer holidays, and I  thought the boys are getting to old for little knack toys. I bought them each a camouflage water bottle for the new school year with a sweets inside. I also printed of some individual dog tags for each. (saying ie.  Sam Thanks for coming from Liam) punch a hole and they were attached with a caribeena clip.


The thank you notes were yet again a photo memento of the day, a group photo in their camouflage jumpsuits for all children who attended. For people who sent Liam cards and presents a photo of just Liam, in gear.

Or each guest and birthday child could posed for individual pictures in front of a large flag.

They all were to stand at attention and salute for the photos.


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