Disney Cars Birthday Party Ideas

With the release of the Cars 2 movie, I started looking for ideas for a party theme,

and look what I found….WOW!!!

Colin is one very lucky boy!!!

there is more WOWs later!!!

I have added lots of free printables for you.

Right click on black and white label images, save, and print to required size in phot quality.


INVITATIONSSend out with pit passes on lanyarns with each child’s name and an attached photo of them,

with the party details on the back.

right click, save, resize if required and print in photo quality.



checkered flags / bunting / cones


 a leaning tower of tyrestraffic signals

inflatable cacti

white wall tyres

mater tow cable fishing


photo source

Magnetic fishing game

Print out lots of copies of race car items…

tyres, oil cans, and of maters hood

make sure each child has one of each

the first one to collect all their items wins.


Red’s Fire Hose Game

you will need:
a stop watch
 a hose pipe on a make shift stand
and two large clear plastic jugs with the measurements on the side
see who can get as much water in their jug in a set time.

Put the lights on Stickers Mcqueen

enlarge and print a picture of Lightning Mcqueen

and make lots of pairs of headlights with blue tack on the back

write each of the children’s names on a pair to see who gets the closest.

A Piston Cup Box Car Racewith pre made Disney Cars or make them as an activity at the party.

see below

this does take alot of prep time, cutting out patterns etc, but well worth it.

make a flip lap counter

a black floder and black card and sticker numbers
have a crew chief with head set

have a pit stop tyre challenge game after three laps

mdf board, a Mcqueen wall sticker with mdf whit wall tyres and nuts and bolts

and a Filmore’s 60’s organic re fuel stop before they do another lap

then do the last lap backwards as the worlds bestest backwards driver

bunting and finish line
Ramone’s Body Shop

temporary tattoo’s or face painting

casa della tires – leaning tower of tyres

use mini chocolate dipped doughnuts to see who can stack the most tyres without it falling.

and here’s a free printable for you…

Piston Cup Bean Bag Toss

make a piston cup, go on you can do it!!

make some checkered flag bean bags

and see can get all in the Piston Cup

This idea is fab and alot easier…

from 2 paws design




…set as Flo’s V8 cafe

organic fuel – hippy 60’s – Filmore / bottled water

and I love these construction cone cups


you can buy cone cups from here


use the rust-eze logo (see below)

remove labels from Coke bottles and replace with rust eze labels
petrol pump drinks dispenser
Roll pieces of orange card to make cones for crisps and snacks

Chocolate dipped doughnuts and white icing doughmuts for white wall tires / tyres


CUPCAKESHow adorable are these?

and displayed like this, your on to a winner!
This is a WOW cars birthday cake!!!
I love this pink Cars birthday cake too!



…set as Sarge’s surplus store

use a red cardboard lunch / party box

and turn it into a tool box…

make the handle’s black

stick Disney Cars clip art to it.

I found a pack of 8 tyre / tyre yoyo’s in the pound store.

piston cup trophy again 8 for a pound.


Piston cup Logo

Flo’s V8 cafe
welcome to radiator springs sign
route 66 map table mats/cloth
Dinoco (logo)

You’ve not reached the finish line yet…..

Oh no, i found so many wonderful Cars parties here are some fabulous links for you to check out…

I love the black plastic race track and the white masking tape is an amazing touch.

you can buy the pint sized cones from the local sports store they use them for football training.

from AZ

go to your local car accessories shop and they will glad give you there empty packaging.

or on a smaller scale you can use this road tape

another fab Cars party table from here
I love the idea of using the large funnels to dispense the drinks / fuel.
They even made a FANTASTIC race car track like our lego car party
my ABSOLUTE FAVOURITE is from How Does She feature
So talented and she made all the character box cars too, you’ve got to check it out!!!
and here’s how to make your own from a cardboard box!
Mr Mcgrooveys

these are basic plans but you get the idea.

Just change the side profile for each character.



oh what fun!!!

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