Disney Princess Party Ideas

Here are the wonderful ideas I came up with for a Princess Partyfor a friend….

Belle / Beauty and The Beast
Princess Jasmine / Aladdin
Snow White
Princess Tianna / The Princess and The Frog

There are loads of free clip art images out there.right click on the image and re size for cupcake picks, bunting, invites etc

A piece of paper rolled at both ends to look like a scroll
and tied with a pink chiffon ribbon.

Hear Ye, hear ye attention one and all

Princess ….. has invited you to a ball

The fair Princess….. has requested your presence at her 7th birthday celebration

festivities will include a Royal Banquet, dancing, games and fun for all.

This most joyous occasion will occur …..date…..time

Have your carriage arrive for you at…..time at the conclusion of the celebration

Princess …..’s castle is located at …. address

Please come in your most Royal attire as your favourite Princess

Royal crowns and wands will be provided.

Please R.S.V.P by …..date

so the Queen can prepare the castle for your arrival

This promises to be a magical experience for all.

Most girls have a costume or two!

Have the Princess walk through the castle doors (your front door)Made from a thick cardboard box

princess castle throne...
And walk up a red carpet to the castle door (red plastic sheeting would work)

World of Williams

write “mirror, mirror on the wall” onto a mirror

NOW THEN he he he!

Then this is where a Dad or big brother who’s a good sport comes in…..
They announce (in a knight costume of course and maybe a trumpet fan fayre) each Princess on arrival…..

Hear ye, Hear ye

I am pleased to announce Princess …… has arrived


Grandma dressed as The Fairy Godmother

Greets the girls at the door with a certificate of royalty

she places a tiara (part of their goody / favor bags) on their head

Right click on image, save to your computer and print

(if you can adjust pictures so they are faint like watercolours the certificate stand out better)

then re feed this card through printer and print verse on top of picture.
The certificate reads:

Royal status of Princess has been awarded to you by your Fairy Godmother.

You must be kind to all creatures.

You must use the royal smile often

(at this moment the Fairy Godmother tells them to smile at the camera and a photo is taken)

and most of all you must behave like a Princess at all times.

For this spell can be broken by being naughty

(have the Fairy Godmother sign the certificates)

(print a picture of a castle first

then re feed this card back through the printer so the words are printed over the castle)


This banner / bunting would have been lovely but only found it recently

Print and place this into a photo frame

Make a large cardboard carraige


Kiss the Frog
Since most children prefer frogs to princes anyway, this will be a winner.

free printable Princess treasure chest

personally I would draw a larger version on a poster board.

From red or pink poster board, cut out a pair of lips for each princess and apply a small ball of blue tack to the back.


you can put bright red lipstick on the children and they can really plant a smack on the frog.LOL

During the game, have each child shut her eyes tight, then point her in the right direction to try to pin her smooch on Mr. Frog. Continue taking turns until everyone succeeds.
Princess and the Pea


tree fall design

Start this game by telling the story “The Princess and the Pea.” Then invite the girls to see how they’d fare in this princess-pea detecting test.

What you need:

 Story of “The Princess and the Pea”


A small green ball

Everyone takes a turn sitting on four pillows arranged in a row on the floor and trying to guess which one the pea, a small ball, is under. (Move the ball after each turn while the current contestant is out of the room.)

If the girls are up for a greater challenge, try a second round using a marble instead of a ball.
Royal Rush

a 2 team relay
each team is split in two and place at opposite ends of the yard
in turns each child runs across the yard and puts on:
a gown
a sash
a crown
a necklace
and glass slippers
runs back to the start and takes them off
on so on

Sleeping Beauty Says

You guessed it Simon says really
Snow Whites Poison Apple
like pass the parcel

if the music stops on you you lie down and fall asleep
only to be woken by a hershey kiss (or red gummy lips) when the music restarts
Ariel’s Gemstones
Start with the birthday girl with a gemstone in her hand.

Everyone else has their eyes closed and explain they need to keep quiet / secret and they need to hide them gem
Whilst the birthday girl places it in another childs hand
tell them to open their eyes and they take turns in guessing where the gem is.

Jasmines Musical Carpets

(musical chairs)

Instead of chairs use pieces of fabric or colourful towels
Slay The Dragon Pinata

Cinderella’s lost Slipper

Hide a child’s dress up glass slipper for the children to find.Have them wait in the lounge and have someone make the clock chime 12when the clock chimes twelve they must hurray to find the glass slipper.

Cinderella’s Ball

(musical statues)
Play music
Shout “Midnight” and stop music
The last one still dancing can not go to the ball (is out)
Hang an Ikea canopy (£7) over the table attach a card crown around the hoop.

Then on the table make a Princess hat for the centre piece.

The top layer of this cake was more than enough.
from birthday cakes

but just look at this…..


and don’t forget the frogplace them on a Lily pad made from green card to serve.

from Hello Cupcakes
The eyes are gummy rings and M&M’s
I’m not much for the sugar topping but green buttercream works just as well.
Snow White’s apple cupcakes

so you can see how they are made….


Little paper cuts
Free printable cupcake wrappers and picks

These are devine!!!
I found these wedding cake boxes in the pound shop…
they would make lovely favor boxes / goody bags
I would glue some small gems to it
 maybe change the colour of the ribbon to pastel blue
and you have Cinderellas ball gown boxes.
they also had tuxedo boxes for favors /goody bags for boys,
10 boxes for a £1 and they are on the small side so doesn’t take a fortune to fill them.
cello wrap pumpkins for easy take home.
Cinderella treat /sweetie favour bag
I made these, as I saw the shoes in Asda’s Christmas treat range.
These stickers were from the pound store and I added  the little blue gem.
Have the Princess’ kiss a toy frog
from Ikea
Thank you notesThank you for coming to our enchanted kingdom to celebrate Princess…… 5th birthday

We had a right royal good time because you were there

Your gift was a grand addition to my royal collection

Thank you Princess ….


It’s a real shame I have a son, I had great fun pulling this together for Grace.

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