Harry Potter Party Ideas

Well with Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows (part one)
only a month away, it got me thinking about Potter Parties…..
A howler

There are some really complicated instructions here but I sat up last night making a basic pattern.
Will try and pull it together this week.
by owl post

Free printable Harry glass from here

Make a 9 3/4 sign and put over the front doorway

paint a brick wall on an old sheet thread a bamboo cane throw the top
cut a slit up the middle and hang over front door
so they can walk through the 9 3/4 platform

A banner / bunting made from pennants for each house team

(Right click on image and save image and use as required)

Gryffindor – on burgundy pennat
Huffle Puff – on a yellow
Slytherin – on an emerald green pennant
Ravenclaw – on blue pennant
Badges for each child : reduce the size of each tean badge
and put double sided sticky tape and place on each child
Individual Hogwarts pennants – on black
Broomsticks, wands, hats, spell books, owls
Flying key mobile.
Sort the group of children into teams have them come to the front
put the sorting hat (a battered witches hat) onto their head
And have them pull a slip of paper from a poitions jar.
Glue wings on ping pong balls, spray them gold and hide them around the garden
Martha Smartha
harry potter party
Hoola hoops sprayed and attached to stakes at different hieghts.
take turns in throwing the quaffle (ball) threw them.
Give points for each hoop.

Marauders Map Treasure Trail

This is a fantastic invite by britta you can adapt for your treasure trail.

You will have to go to the site as they are copy protected, but you can download them for personal use.
They are well worth the effort, I promise.

Something for them to do whilst you are busy elsewhere.
Accent the party

Butterbeer Recipe

12 ounces (one bottle) of ginger beer
36 ounces (three bottles) of cream soda
3 T of butterscotch ice cream topping

Thoroughly chill the unopened ginger beer and cream soda in the refrigerator until they are icy cold. Refrigerate the empty glass jug as also.
Once the beverages are chilled, in a small mixing bowl or tall glass, stir 1-2 ounces of cream soda into the butterscotch topping until it’s thoroughly combined.
Pour all the remaining soda into the chilled pitcher.
Quickly add the butterscotch mixture to the jug.
Stir until it is just combined – do not over stir.
Pour it over the ice and serve them immediately.
This recipe serves 6.

To add a frothy sparkle to the drinks, dip the rim of each glass in corn syrup, pulling drips of syrup downward with a toothpick.
Then dip each glass rim in a mixture of colored sugar.
Before dipping, spread the corn syrup & sugar mixture each onto a separate, flat-bottomed plate.


pumpkin juice (really fresh orange juice)

you could print these and stick them to your soda bottles.


or you could reduce the size of the house badges above and use them as cake picks like this.

Now this is a fantastic photo op, alot of work for some artistic person but well worth it.

Witch's Broom Favors

Make these chocolate frog boxes

template from here
from your choice of card.

This is a printable box ready to glue together.

You can put in a freddo the frog chocolate (yes they are still around)
you could also buy a chocolate making mould in the shape of a frog.

Bertie Bott’s’s jelly beans sweetie bags

Have fun!!!

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