Movie Night – Toy Story

Now you know I love our family movie nights,
I came across this amazing one from Workmanfamily
and haven’t got round to doing it yet
but wanted to show it to you.
These Mr Potatohead cupcakes are adorable…

Slightly colour the icing with coco powder,
and use whatever suitable sweets you can find.
and to go with this alien milkshake is just the job…
and these Buzzbands (glosticks) are a fabulous addition…
This is so cute, I can’t wait.
Now the dark nights are here we will have lots of movie nights snuggled onn the sofa!
Hope this inspires you to have fun with your family, don’t just sit the children in front of the DVD
do it as a family, make it special.
It is so much cheaper than a family outings to the movies, and is what memories are made of!
Don’t forget to check out my other movie night ideas!

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