Pirate Party Ideas


Liam had a pirate party for his 5th birthday, and this was my first themed party

here is what we did

(plus some extra’s for inspiration…..

as I wasn’t blogging at the time so didn’t think of taking photo’s of most things)

I think you have to go for a black, red and white colour scheme, but…..

A black, pink and white looks fab for girlie pirate parties

Now check this out……

Now I wish this was our table but this is from treasure and tiaras parties, WOW!!!

Just look at the detail, there is sand down the middle of the table, mermaids, chains, fishing nets, shells

I’ll say it again, WOW!!!
We sent out invites similar to this, made from brown parcel paper and burnt the edges.

Then popped them into a plastic bottle.

but alas before my blogging days so no photo’s.

credit for these goes to by stephanie lynn



X marks the party

Hang a large red X at the front of the house, attach red and black helium balloons to it.

Lots of Jolly Roger Flags every where.

I love thes cardboard pirate ships

Party Planning Mom

Give them buckets of black water balloons (bombs) for a Pirate battle.
A ships mast

Broom handles bound together, fabric stitched onto curtain rings

Skull and crossbones

Print this and frame



Fling the rat

(through the pot hole)

I made rats from old grey school socks, filled with dry rice tied at the end with a string tail.

then added googley eyes.

and the kids took turn throwing them through a paint (cardboard) port hole

you could just use a bucket to throw them into.


Skull hoopla place skull on a table and through hoops over them.

three hoops wins a prize.

Print out several pirate clip art pictures and paste on thick cardboard

A treasure chest, an anchor you get the idea.

Pirate Pete Says
Simon says

but using Pirate trigger words….

This game is great fun, but needs some explaning and practice.
You need to tell the children that when you say the “trigger words” they need to do the action you have taught them for that “trigger word”.
Then at the end after lots of practice you will tell them a short (age appropriate, not too long if young) pirate story that contains all the “trigger words” they have learnt and they need to do all the actions throughout the story. I was lucky and was able to get my friends to join in and prompt the children. It is well worth the effort and the children had me read the story three times!!!
The captains coming                            salute and shout aye, aye captain
The captains wife                                 curstsey
The captains daughter                          pose like a model(1 hand on hip on ear)
The admirals coming                            salute but stand still until you say he’s gone
Scrub the decks                                   get down on all fours and scrub the floor
Climb the rigging                                  pretend to climb a rope ladder
Hoist the mainsail                                 run on the spot, climbing
Boom coming over                              duck down quickly
Crows nest                                          stand on 1 leg(mast) other foot on knee(c’nest)
Land ahoy                                           put hand above eye shout land ahoy
Port                                                    run to the left
Starboard                                           run to the right
Bow                                                   front
Stern                                                  back
Compass                                            run to the centre
east/west/north/south                          run to the appropriate direction
Stormy weather                                  rock from side to side
Ship aground                                      fall to the ground and stay still
Man the life boats                               sit and row your boat
Man overboard                                  jump, holding your nose with 1 hand raised
Sharks in the water                             hand in front of face like a shark fin walk around
Mutiny                                                run around sword fighting everyone
Walk the plank                                   walk in straight line, 1 foot in front of the other arms out to the sides
Bandits on the horizon                         pretend to shoot the bandits
Submarines ahoy                                 lie on your back 1 leg raised
Bombs overhead                                 crouch down, cover head, only get up when you say “all clear”
Fire the cannon                                    pretend to light the cannon, shout boom! And jump up
Hit the deck                                         lie on your stomach quickly
Pieces of eight                                      flap arms like a parrot, shouting pieces of eight
Up on deck                                         jump to your feet
Our Pirate Tale
It’s a lovely day for a sail, look the captains coming, and the captains wife and
captains daughter.
Ok matey’s let’s check the compass, before you climb the rigging to
The crows nest.
Now you’re in the crows nest look port, now look starboard.
No bandits on the horizon, best check bow and stern just to be safe.
Oh no bandits on the horizon fire the cannon and hit the deck!
We got those scallywags, make em walk the plank. All clear!
Looks like stormy weather ahead, oh no man overboard, and there’s sharks in the
water better man the life boats….
Alls well, climb the rigging to the crows nest again, all clear, lets head home.
I see Land ahoy. Home safe and sound.

This is such a giggle as they get is so wrong and they end up all doing different actions.

Don’t forget the video recorder!
Tick Tock Where’s the Croc

When hid a small toy crocodile and had a ticking timmer (a clock will do) together

 the children had to be very quiet to find where the croc had been hidden
Walk the Plank

We played walk the plank over a shell shaped paddling pool, with toy crocodiles and sharks in the water.

but as they got used to it, I made them walk backwards, sideways anything to make it harder.

Also a buried treasure hunt

The treasure that needed hunting was everything from pirate coins, loose jewels, giant gem rings, shiny necklaces, a bouncy pirate ball, and even a crocodile…tick tock, tick tock.

from erin and aaron

Bean Bag Toss

again this can be made from card or if you are handy mdf.

choas with sprinkles







They loved this!


We had this cd, it wasn’t very long (so heard the same songs afew times)


now thes aren’t mine but I used the chocolates on mine also

kara’s cupcakes


and these are just so adorable

cupcakes take the cake


and these wrappers and picks are so cute




X mark’s the spot cookies, made with edible food markers
Birthday Cake 


Liam had a prebought cake and we put these on top


borring compare to this

I am more about the fun side of it than a domestic goddess.

I buy ready made cupcakes and just decorate them, cheat or savy???


or this fantastic masterpiece…..

Favors / Goody Bags 


I hid all the goodies in a tresure chest which I purchase from Ikea for £10.

Party like a kid

lots and lots of chocolate coins.

bandana’s and card pirate hats


to fell with all kinds of candy teasure
Photo Booth
The children with their balloon sword infront of the jolly roger.
of the balloon battle in theirs ships

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