Star Wars Party Ideas

Here’s a Star Wars party I am pulling together for a friend.



Get the BEST quality Star Wars graphics at this website:

I downloaded a special Star Wars font for free from this website:


Free printables from


How adorable do they look?

This lightsaber idea means everyone can have one,
and no one gets hurt!

made from pool noodles, silver and black tapes from your DIY store.
I bought some noodles in the summer from the pound store!


Trash can / bin R2D2

Either with electrical tape on a metal trash can

Or permenant markers on a plastic bin


Your assignment is…..

is to complete your Light Saber Training Course

To play, divide the kids into teams to go through a challenge course.
Each team will get one “Light Saber”.
Create tasks for each potential  Jedi to accomplish (not too hard) with the light saber in hand.

For example:

Hit ping pong balls with the light saber

Crawl under a chair tunnel,

go down a slide,

Roll under a tarp

Pop bubbles with the light saber — you get the idea.


Pin The Light Saber On The Jedi

This is a poster with homade light sabers.

Which Star Wars Character Am I?

For this Star Wars game you first need to print out lots of pictures of all the different Star Wars characters. Once each guest arrives, tape one of the Star Wars character pictures on their back (without them knowing who it is!). The guests need to find out who they are, and they do this by asking no and yes questions to figure it out (for example: “Am I a woman?”, “Am I a bad guy?”, “Do I have a light saber?, etc.). You can either have the kids pair up or have one stand in front of the whole group. The important thing is to tell each guest not to tell the other guests their character, let everyone figure it out by themselves.


Made using plastic star wars rings as toppers.

A watermelon death star carved with lino tools LOL



Jedi Training Certificate

free from jessica
the only problem I found was that is has her little boys deatils in the bottom left corner.
I just placed a light saber sticker over the top (clip art would work also)

Their light sabers and cloaks of course.

Star Wars pez machines.


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