Super Mario Bros Party Ideas

A great theme for a boys birthday party theme (Nintendo Ds / Wii)

(indoor / winter party)



I made this DS invitation and the kids loved them

from HERE
and printed the party details onto the screens along with a clip art images of Mario.



Paint terracotta plant pots green (the Pipes in the games) and use for bowls for crisps etc on the table.


The Boo’s were white balloons with face drawn in permanent pen with cones of paper stuck onto the sides.


I think these are fab, free pattern available from FROM GIVERS LOG

You could make green Luigi ones also and have two teams for games.


 buy red and green baseball caps and glue felt symbols on the front/

and use black face paint for Mario moustaches
Mario costume

photo source
Toad Costume


where you can also find costume instructions for

Mario and Luigi

Princess Peach




from here

Toads cupcakes can be made in various colours use white chocolate buttons for the spots.

I am not too keen on iced cookies but I love these coloured dough cookies

I love these Mushroom cake pops in green pipes…

Cute as a fox

photo source
and just look at this fab DIY cupcake stand from

from Let’s Party


instructions to make your own from here

Now you can make your own for any theme!!!

free cupcake picks for your personal use…

from HERE
I came across this great Yoshi egg smash game   from cool party.


 and they are really easy to make



Yoshi Egg Smash Birthday Party Game

 This game was simple and lots of fun!

Each child chose a Party Egg, and took turns smashing/throwing the egg at a simple target I put on the wall. If the egg broke open to reveal a golden star, then that child won a prize!

The kids really found this game to be exciting mostly because they got to smash something

and maybe even win a prize for doing so.

Learn how to make these cute Yoshi eggs yourself.

 this game is definitely recommended as an outdoor game,

between the confetti and the smashed egg shells it makes for a small “fun” mess.

A Yoshi egg hunt paint green spot on white polystyrene eggs.
Use the green pipes (see above) for jam jar ping pong write points on each pipe.
We also played adapted versions of the mini games.

Bean Bag Toss

photo source

bean bags…


Well here’s the WOW cake!!!

I believe it was made by  Let Them Eat Cake
photo source here which has lots of close up photo’s
this is my limits and I would use a toy car as cake topper.


set up on a table with game over sign

photo source

free printable for personal use HERE

don’t forget your chocolate gold coins
from HERE

free printable Mario Thank You tags

for personal use …

from HERE


Mario (chocolate) moustache’s

I love the game over tags…


I have since found these cuties (free printable’s) which you could fill with goodies.

with a little adaption by adding a base to them.


We had a group photo of all the Mario and Luigi’s.

You’ll find some great free clip art here to use for decorations and banners reduce in size for cupcake picks

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