Water Fight Party Ideas

Well it’s been an unusually great summer so far here in the UK.
Some days have been just too hot for the children to be outside unless they are playing in / with water.
So Liam invited afew chums over after school on Friday for a water extraviganza. Now I know water fights can get way out of hand very quickly, so had afew activities ready also and it was only for 90 mins!!!
Free printable Water Fight party Invitation

feel free to right click, save and print away.
I made lots of these sponge balls
These homemade water sponges are super easy to make.
Have two teams and two different coloured sponges and see who gets the most in the buckets.
(themed things to hide behind ie cactus, wagon for cowboy theme)
Water guns are great fun but don’t hold alot and sometimes difficult to fill.
So I found these better – spray bottles!!!
Lots of buckets of lot’s and lot’s and lots water balloons,
brightly coloured sponges
Just look at the brightly coloured kids car wash!!!
Abit of work but so worth it!!!
plumbing tubes and conecters to make kid car wash
Look here for instructions for a simple version.
(how much fun would this be if you made it lower for a water limbo game!)
lots trugs/buckets of water
available oriental trading in US.
Sponge and Jug  Relay Game
Two teams one sponge each team.
Have a full bucket of water at start and an empty one the other end of the garden

each child soaks the sponge runs to the empty bucket and squeezes the water out

the team with the most water in the end bucket wins.
Target Game
throw water ballons into a bucket who ever gets the most into the bucket without bursting wins.
The Duel
This is ideal for two players with similar high powered water pistols.
Two people stand back to back and walk ten paces, away from each other.
Once they have taken their paces, one of them counts to three.
On the count of three, both players spin round and unleash their weapon’s water at the other.
The winner is the one that is covered with the least amount of water.
Water Tag
Just like normal Tag, where someone is “it” until they tag someone else,
the game is the same just people are tagged by being squirted rather than tagged.
The last person to be squirted, is “it”!
Total Anarchy
The traditional water fight where everyone goes a little crazy and makes everyone as wet as possible. Great stuff!
Try including areas which are safe zones where people can’t be squirted 
but set a time limit as to how long a person can stay in this area.
Try playing in teams.
outdoor shower / pull over bucket?
What a great way for kids and grown ups to cool down on a hot sunny day!!!
Have a great summer!!!

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