Movie Night

We are going have a movie night with a couple of Liam’s friends.

We sent out invites….Right click on images, save to your computer and print.

I found these fab invites on triciarennea.blogspot.comor for you family try these from family fun

Popcorn Holder

You will need to copies of this.

Vintage Popcorn Boxes
and also these printable pop corn boxes on also available in red, which I used.

Set up a pic and mix station with bowls and sundae of sweeties.

(put the sweets into clear plastic cups)
I  served drinks in paper cups with lids and straws.

Pop corn and drinks were serve on a white wooden tray with ribbon attached and hung around my neck

like in the old days. LOL but i didn’t get a photo of it, next time tho’.


Close the curtains, turn off all the lights and torches to lead the way to the sofa.Sit back and enjoy the movie!

Have an intermission, then small tubs of ice cream.
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Have fun with your family!!!